1962-63 Cruise Book - Chiefs


Standing: Buster, Banech, Dailey, Armstrong, Spilker, Stanton, Faulhaber, Burns, Fauber, Kemp.
Kneeling Eck, Bishop, Canterbury

Ready Eddy CPO's as seen by:

The Captain:  Being transported from port to port in a timely manner so as to guarantee a payday between each of the liberty ports

The X.O.:  Always up to a big deal.

The Senior Watch Officer:  Unauthorized standbys.

Heads of Departments:  Life Savers.

Division Officers:  Trouble.

CPO Club:  $ $ $.

His Wife:  Seldom.

Himself:  Dedicated, intelligent, either number one or two in the fleet, and not lower than number four.

His Men:  Slave driver, never satisfied with the work done.

cpo01.jpg cpo02.jpg

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