1962-63 Cruise Book - 2nd Division


Standing (L to R): Dailey, Michel, Casey, Mathabel, Allen, Schnieder, Miles, Whiseley, Karabinos, Green, Stengar, Woodward, Newton, Saxton, Burns, Rowland, Micheal.
Kneeling Searcy, Weiss, Shepherd, Bain, Mortimer, Marier, Mr. Elder.

Our ups and downs, Who can forget the troubles with our oil bath and the time we shook hands with the men on the oiler, or the incessant cry of "Over the side and get that damned rust."
We also had our fun with "Dominguez and his Ipana smile" or boats with the 2nd Class Hat.
Each of us will remember the picnic at Subic with the "beer and Hai Laidi Laidi" for many a year.
It's these things that made our cruise to WestPac a joyful and educational experience for all hands.

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