1962-63 Cruise Book - 1st Division


Standing (L to R): Mr. Rowe, Fansler, Marvin, McGowen, Afner, Johnson, C. E. Hampton, Maples, Wood, Chiddix, Young, Saxton, Griffith, Banek.
Kneeling Mr. Ashton, Belcher, Stevens, Wood, West, Brouwer, Riggs, Tronery.

Seven months of steaming and what have we got? Memories. Big John remembers football training in Yoko. Stevens remembers Hong Kong. Hampton never went ashore, but he remembers looking at the beach in every port. Too many people remember the division party in Yokosuka. The division officer remembers the day after. Memories of all night plane guard detail. Of watching other people cross the brow at liberty call. Of groping through OC divisions darken ship drills after "turn to." Of turning to after "commence holiday routine." Of scrubbing the sides at midnight. It might have made us mad, but we had Karns the morale-booster to keep us happy. He's gone, but we're still happy because we're home and because First Division is still FIRST.

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  "Holiday Routine Future Chiefs???
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  "So What? "You have the next watch"
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