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FRONT ROW: Left-To-Right, Maimone, A. P., Fox Division; Ethridge, F. B., M Division; Tupai, T., Supply; Eck, R. D., R Division; Lefavor, R. P., OC Division; Buss, C.F., Ol Division; Gergely, A., B Division;
: Brown, S. J., B Division; Smith, W. R., M Division; Gibson, J. T., 1st Division; Green, G. T., Supply; Abney, B.    D., OC Division; Sharp, W. R., M Division; George, C. W., Ol Division. Not Shown: Frazier, G. G., G Division; Rea, T. D., Fox Division; Todd, J. W., OC Division; McPherson, B Division; Paston, R Division.

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