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image of commissioning booklet front cover (4 KB) Follow this link to the February 5th, 1959 Commissioning Booklet, Welcome Aboard! Booklet, and newspaper coverage of the event.
4ofthem.jpg (26916 bytes) Four Forrest Sherman class Destroyers in 1959 San Diego.  Scanned from the cover of All Hands Magazine.
wilson56_2.jpg (18445 bytes) EM Stephen "Rat" Whitney onboard 1958-1959 and now of Longview, WA.  Here Stephen is receiving a well deserved good conduct medal at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in 1959.
dd-950_3b.jpg (20611 bytes) The not quite ready Eddie.   Probably taken around the Puget Sound in 1959?
lighter.jpg (25725 bytes)  
Name Patch.jpg (21155 bytes) Armband1.jpg (53168 bytes)
Do you remember having some of these items?  "Rat" Whitney sent pictures of these from back in the days when communism was dangerous and sex was safe.
egphto1r.jpg (25395 bytes) This photo was taken in Valparaiso, Chile during the shake down cruise in 1959.  Left to right are: Edwards, Bill Wiser, Ed Greene (MM, '58-'62), and ???. 

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