The "Ready Eddie" is Commissioned for Service!
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The Year 2009 marks the 50th anniversary of the Commissioning of the USS Richard S. Edwards.
The images on this page and the pages linked within, were provided to us by Mike McCool with the help of Steve Taylor.
image of newspaper clipping( (8 KB) The latest Forest Sherman Class destroyer, USS Richard S. Edwards makes the papers prior to her Commissioning..
newpaper clipping (4 KB) The USS Richard S. Edwards DD950 makes news agian. Her Comminniioning occurs on Thurdday, February 5, 1959.
Commissioning Booklet (4 KB) Cllick on the image to the left to view the Booklet which Commemorates the Commissioning of the USS Richard S. Edwards.
Welcome Aboard Booklet (4 KB) Click on the image on the left to view the "Welcome Aboard" booklet.

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