Photos Courtesy of Allen Williams BT4 1973-77
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A_Williams.JPG, 68*100 BT4 Allan Williams, was onboard from 1973 to 1977. He has send us these photos.
At sea  on fantail DD 950.JPG, 100*78 At sea on fantail of DD 950
Mail Call.JPG, 100*71 Mail Call!
Refuel Detail.JPG, 100*75 Refueling Detail
Ground Zero Nagasaki.JPG, 100*75 Ground Zero, Nagasaki Japan
Bay  Yokouska Japan.JPG, 100*75 Bay Yokouska Japan
Leaving Yokouska Japan.JPG, 100*74 Leaving Yokouska Japan
Taxi to Sasabo Japan.JPG, 100*76 Taxi to Sasabo Japan
Hong Kong Harbor.JPG, 100*76 Hong Kong Harbor
Liberty Call Kaoshung Taiwan.JPG, 100*72 Liberty Call - Kaoshung Taiwan
Sea Dragon Club  Kaoshung.JPG, 100*73 Sea Dragon Club - Kaoshung, Taiwan
Softball Practice  Kaoshung.JPG, 100*72 Softball Practice - Kaoshung, Taiwan
Downtown Keelung Taiwan.JPG, 100*77 Downtown Keelung Taiwan
Market St Chin-Hea Korea.JPG, 100*76 Market Street - Chin-Hea, Korea
Diamond Head from Poly.JPG, 100*76 Diamond Head from Poly

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