Crossing The Equator
Shellback Initiation.
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jt_67_02.jpg (76 KB) Crossing the Equator - Februqry 12, 1967.

Initiation time, Pollywog to Shellback.

A Note from Webmaster Stine -

If you don't know what's happening in these photos - You'd better find someone quick, who crossed the equator, on a Navy Vessel, prior to the 1980's and ask them all about it!. This traditional activity was later outlawed in the US Navy as it was considered Hazing.

As one who was initiated on this day in 1967 as part of this crew, I for one, am proud to have joined the numbers of ancient mariners who endured this rite of passage. I am saddened that future sailors will never have the opportunity to experience this tradition which has been passed down from the days of wooden ships and iron men.

Oh Yeah - No Seamen where harmed in the completion of this mission.
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