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cockfightn.jpg (17187 bytes) Duane Fraiser and Fred Liptak with one of the losers of the cockfights in PI.
hk81n.jpg (18332 bytes) Lee Hadley and Duane Fraiser speak with a street person in Honk Kong.
hk950.jpg (16484 bytes) The DD-950 in Hong Kong harbor.  A familiar site to the sailors of the sixties, the seventies, and here in 1981.      Sadly, this is the last time the ship will be here.
westpac81_2.jpg (17579 bytes) UnREP photo taken from the DD-950 during the 1981 WestPAC.
rob1.jpg (24657 bytes) The DD-950 anchored at Lae, New Guinea.
rob3.jpg (18921 bytes) A photo taken form the liberty boat while the DD-950 was anchored in Maizuru, Japan.  The first time the crew was off the ship after 24 days underway.
rob2.jpg (25376 bytes) LTJG Bob Tobey on the ASROC Deck with a BTC while in Pago Pago, American Samoa.
rob4.jpg (21238 bytes) MM Hadley and MM Rodriguez and others while coming into Pearl Harbor, 14 October 1981.

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