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Kneeling (Left to Right):    Martin, G.L., Ruaya, A.R., Kleiber, W.H., Duff, M.A., Payne, B.U., Moorhouse, T.P.

Standing (Left to Right):    Ward, T.L., Panganiban, A.M., Long, R.L., Mars, RE., Davis, B.R., Raif, R.G., Scruggs, J.E., Ragadio, F.M., Hettich, R.L., Poe, A.E., Spaulding, RE., Dias, R.B., Lopez, D.R., Parker, E.H., Chaloux, M., Mulvaney, S.M., Landry, B.M., Williams, C.C., Bass, J.T., Lacson, R.C., Corbin, K., Dela Rosa, N.R., Morrison, R.R.


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