Ops "OI" Division

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First Row (Left to Right):    Sandstrum, WE., Biondo, T.C., Cassidy, MA.,
Hayes, T.E., Buchanan, RE., Pollock, K.A., Hammond, J.L., Orcutt, R.E.

Second Row (Left to Right):    Marsh, L.L., Kaas, M.D., Buffenmeyer, R.J.,
Kleiber, W.H., Collins, M.A., Daignault, R.M., Gorshkoff, P.J.

Third Row (Left to Right):    Penn, R.A., Warren, J.M., Pay, L.N., Ullery, H.E.,
Allen, E.S., Zlomke, B.S., Roof, G.B., Depasquale, A.B., Rice, M.X., Hutton, G.J., Pitton, J.E.


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