DD950 1977 WestPAC Cruise - More Officers
More Chiefs


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OI Division CIC Officer

LT R.E. Orcutt
OC Division Communication Officer

LTJG J.L. Jones
ON Division Admin Officer

LTJG D.H. Tomlinson
Supply Officer Disbursing Officer

ENS T.L. Ward
Electrical Maint. Assistant

ENS D.M. Polak

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Electronic Maint. Officer

ENS J.L. Hammond
R Division Damage Control Assistant

ENS D.A. Selecman
First Division First Lieutenant

LTJG S.W. Vandenbosch
Second Division Gunnery Assistant

LTJG G.D. Porter
Third Division ASW Officer

ENS P.A. Tracy

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B Division

ENS N.A. Koreisha
M Division Main Propulsion Asst.

LTJG K.J. Knieriem


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