Engineering "B" Division

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Kneeling (Left to Right):    Barrientos, MM., Cuthbertson, T.W., Schiminel, O.K.,
John, C.A., Ellis, E.D., Carter, DR., Montalvo, H.T., Deleon, J.Y., Howell, G.E.,
Paulen, K.F., Dupuis, D.R.

Standing (Left to Right):    Koreisha, N.A., Walter, W.D., Mallette, C.A.,
Gordon, S.R., Donithan, K.K., Marceau, S.J., Zanders, G.H., Heyman, B.H.,
Lutz, R.J., Willoughby, L.C., Fontes, G.E., Kirkland, W.T., Garney, J.M., Lynch, F.K.,
Sotomeyer, C.A., Placker, R.G., Wentzel, ML., Shelp, G.T., Thiel, J.A.,Brant, D.R.,
Edwards, R.E.


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