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pc_worrk2.jpg (26764 bytes) PC Lonnie Collins at work.  Lonnie sent in most of the pictures on this page.  Thanks Lonnie.  Now we need some help identifying the rest of the people here.  A more current photo of Lonnie is available in the "Where are they now?" pages.
flying1.jpg (22030 bytes) One of the crew was a private pilot and many made trips to the outer Hawaiian Islands in this rented Piper Cherokee Six.  Hundreds of photos were taken on those trips.  Lets send some more copies of them in fellows! Here Chuck See flies the plane as co-pilot.
pre_flt.jpg (12712 bytes) On the far left is Jim Rassbach, doing a pre-flight to the plane before committing aviation.
insane.jpg (28162 bytes) A popular destination in the Cherokee was the Big Island and the volcanoes.  Here John Brylowski stands on the edge of the 2000 foot drop off into one of the craters.  
lavaflow.jpg (44264 bytes) He seems to have landed on his feet.   Here PC James Tripp and John are walking on one of the lava flows in the crater.
oahu.jpg (18430 bytes) Those that survived the tour of the volcanoes saw some great views of Hawaii from the small plane.  Here is some of the typical scenery on the Leeward side of Oahu on the return trip.
tootall.jpg (16712 bytes) Almost as dangerous as the volcano viewing is being as tall as ETC Robert Penn and working on a destroyer.
subhunt.jpg (23430 bytes) Back at work hunting submarines.
messhall.jpg (17954 bytes) PC Lonnie Collins on the right. Can anybody remember who this is on the left?

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