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Dry Dock 1975.jpg (30090 bytes) Dry-dock #4.
drydock4.jpg (23041 bytes) Dry-dock #4.
GMGs Hollis-Vetzel.jpg (34530 bytes) GMGs Jim Hollis and Pat Vetzel Putting the key ring on the new Mod 10, Mount 52.
Carrier Deck 75.jpg (25135 bytes) GMG Pitts at the EP2, Mount 52 running test rounds.  The smoking lamp is lit.
Jeff Phillips-Rod Malcomb-Paul Wisenoski.jpg (28171 bytes) Jeff Phillips, Rod Malcomb and Paul Wisenoski.
GMG Mike Gardner.jpg (28314 bytes) GMG Mike Gardner. After the 1975 overhaul, we went on shake-down with the carrier deck still red-lead.
Mike Miller 75.jpg (38945 bytes) Mike miller.
'Crash' Jackson.jpg (34517 bytes) Larry "Crash" Jackson.
Frank Boka 75.jpg (26999 bytes) Frank Boka.
GMG Pitts.jpg (27303 bytes) GMG Pitts AKA "Possum" provided most of the large amount of photos available here in the 1974 through 1976 pages.  Thanks Possum.

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