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dd-950_7.jpg (11958 bytes) This photo was taken in 1975 by YN Phil Collier at Pearl Harbor, HI.
Rodney_Malcomb_Larry_Jackson_Tom_Flache.jpg (31236 bytes) Rodney Malcomb, Larry Jackson, Tom Flache.
GMG_Tony_Guisty.jpg (33663 bytes) GMG Tony Guisty.
ENS_Donald_Thomlinson.jpg (28198 bytes) ENS Donald Thomlinson.
LJG_Scott_Edwards.jpg (32359 bytes) LTJG Scott Edwards.
GMG Rodney_Malcomb.jpg (30922 bytes) GMG Rodney Malcomb.
navypic.jpg (19056 bytes) BT Cal De Knikker  at Recruit Training Command/Naval Training Center San Diego California - Company 052, 1 April 1974.

Cal served as a  BT Forward Fireroom, "B" Division.  In 1999 we found Cal living in California.

mlillie_1975.jpg (9101 bytes) EN Mike Lillie in 1975.  Don't recognise this photo? Take a look at Mike's 1976 picture below.  
mlillie_19.jpg (8088 bytes) EN Mike Lillie in 1976.  Mike now lives near Elma, Washington.

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