1 More 1972 Photos by the Crew of the USS Richard S. Edwards DD-950
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No drinking of alcohol is allowed on US Navy ships.  This made checking the Captains Gig a very popular pastime while on the gun lines off of Vietnam.  The gig was not a US Navy ship.

Left to Right: Tom Suter, Rick Druin, Jack Lockwood and we need help with the names of the other two sailors here testing the Captains Gig.

bmp7052c.jpg (21437 bytes) A South Vietnam Gun Boat.
bmpc344an.jpg (12741 bytes) We believe this is Donnie Joe Salapich coming onboard.  Many sailors reported onboard during VertREP like this in the Gulf of Tonkin.
keling.jpg (13770 bytes) SN Danny Keeling, cruising in"Nam" in '72.
bmp1113fn.jpg (20012 bytes) Bridge Forward Lookout.  Anybody know who this is?
20090320_1_m_gaspard_01.small.jpg (4KB) ASROC Shot - July 18, 1971
20090320_1_m_gaspard_02_small.jpg 100x68 (8KB) Hai Phong operations
20090320_1_m_gaspard_03_small.jpg 100x67 (4KB) Assault - Qui Nhon
20090320_1_m_gaspard_04_small.jpg 100x85 (8KB) XO LCDR Sudholz, ships birthday party 1/15/72
20090320_1_m_gaspard_05.jpg 100x66 (8KB) Mt 52 Firing

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