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trky721.jpg (24522 bytes) EM Bob Trickey's photo in the 1972 cruise book.

"This photo was taken at sea somewhere off the coast of 'Nam in '72. We were taking on ammo at sea, something that we seemed to do quite a lot. What I remember most is that those suckers were heavy. "

Bob Trickey, Medford, Oregon -- May 1999

crusin72light20.jpg (14900 bytes) The DD-950 returns to the Gulf of Tonkin Yacht Club.  The ship is shown here returning to Subic(?) in 1972.
haifng71b.jpg (38294 bytes) Bombs away! The Ready Eddie hauls azz out of Hyphong Harbor in 1972.
Danburns72.jpg (20332 bytes) Dan Burns, now of Brewerton, NY,  a CS onboard 1972-74.
akudsh1.jpg (47462 bytes) STG's Rick Dashnaw (standing) and Harry Akamine on watch in Sonar Control, 1972.
jstien71.jpg (22166 bytes) ET Joe Steinmeyer's photo in the 1972 cruise book.

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