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1971_recom_02.jpg, 64*100 On January 15, 1971 the Richard S. Edwards, now reconfigured for ASW, was recommissioned. This is the recommissioning booklet. Courtesy of LT Jack Turley.
comp71n.jpg (27709 bytes) The DD-950 starts a new decade with a re-commissioning on January 15th, 1971.  Are you a plank owner?
1971_recom_01.jpg, 100*65 Lighting the fires!!

Capt. Jack Deal and Chief Engineer LT Jack Turley. (Picture taken onboard the USS Richard S. Edwards at the initial boiler lightoff after the ASW Conversion in 1971 at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard).
gj19711.jpg (15527 bytes) STC Gene Jarvis in the 1971 re-commissioning program booklet.  See the recent photo page for a more current picture.
rcm711n.jpg (16763 bytes) This is the CO CDR Deal with the "edible Eddie."
eh19706.jpg (16404 bytes) SFC Ed Hovatter in the 1971 re-commissioning program booklet.  See Where Are They Now? for a recent photo.
dd950pearlweb.jpg (25653 bytes) "I got this photo on Ebay. It's been hand colored by the artist (look closely at the flag) and I was told it was taken at Pearl in 1971. I can't tell whether she was coming or going. The crew is in whites, so it wasn't an average day at sea. I would appreciate any info anyone might have about this picture."

I will have it framed and donate it to the archives. Thank you, Susan Deal, March 2001. 
rse_wardoomportrait.jpg (19841 bytes) "The attached is a rendering of the Wardroom picture that was in the Edwards, post ASROC conversion in Long Beach. Interestingly, the VDS shown was not installed at that time and was added later. The Wardroom picture was given away later but I do not recall the details. ... I had the task of replacing it while in WestPac... " 

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