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FRONT ROW: Left-To-Right, Fowler, F. A., Davis, E. L., Clott R. W., Sheetz, C.R.,Thompson, G. W.
BACK ROW: Chief Green, Stevens, C. W. Bergthold, F. J., Holmes, R. W., Marcotte,J.A., Navarro, E. C., Austria, M. C., Jasso, M. R., Wiegand, L. T.

p29b.jpg (18652 bytes)

Ens. Tully, Bommershiim, R. C.

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FRONT ROW: Left-To-Right, Daniels, K. V., Koss,    R.L., Brienzo, A., Jackson, R. D.,
BACK ROW: Ens.  Tully, Porter, R., Coonce, C. W., Shanholtz, H. G., Pingao, U.S.

p29d.jpg (27372 bytes)

FRONT ROW: Left-To-Right, Freeman, D. F., Alden, W. D., Strutz, J. C.,
BACK ROW: Chief Tupai, Gove, B. L., Lomboy, D. P.

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