More Engineers

p27a.jpg (32830 bytes)
After Engine Room

p26a.jpg (14059 bytes)
Health food!

p26b.jpg (34406 bytes)

p26c.jpg (31434 bytes)
Like I really need all the help!

p26d.jpg (23184 bytes)
BT at home!

p26e.jpg (13829 bytes)
Cramped...? Never!

p27b.jpg (20150 bytes)
"I'm sure glad to cool off for a while!"

p27c.jpg (33961 bytes)
Which one needs fix'en?

p27d.jpg (29537 bytes)
A happy BT...?

p27e.jpg (34734 bytes)
Main Control

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Just like IBM only different

p28b.jpg (34322 bytes)
A little switchboard action.

p28c.jpg (32296 bytes)
Friends from several ships back

p28a.jpg (21340 bytes)
Casualty Control Drills

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