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subicliberty.jpg (11763 bytes) From left to right: Fred Olsen, Jim Kress, Wade Gilbert, Ken Dout, Mel (Butch/Bearcat) Gerding, and _?_ Tuckness.  All are on liberty in Subic Bay.
emsubicclub.jpg (25574 bytes) From left to right:  Mel (Butch/Bearcat) Gerding, Gene (Berry) Hart, Jim Kress, Jack Sanders, and Grant Keller.  This photo was taken in September of 1964.
Jack2_64.jpg (26614 bytes) Jack Sanders BT, in the forward boiler room in 1964.
Liberty_2.jpg (19183 bytes) Remember these?  Thanks to ETR Don Dodson who sent in most of the photos and memorabilia below on this page.
dd950.jpg (52052 bytes) This is a post card purchased in the San Diego area in 1964.
cover12.jpg (14858 bytes) The cover of the 1964 Christmas menu.
menu_20.jpg (106645 bytes) See if you can recognize any of the names on the 1964 Christmas menu?
Xmasmenu12.jpg (18775 bytes) A slightly better place where some had Christmas dinner in 1964.  Everybody can remember this floating resturante in Aberdeen.

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