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cssnrealtif.jpg (14315 bytes) CS F.R. Ready during the 1963 cruise.
f_r_real.jpg (15521 bytes) CS F. R. Ready at MT 32.
flores61tif.jpg (15256 bytes) CS Bill Flores. 
rmcfaulh2tif.jpg (16448 bytes) RMC Fauber sheds a tear as the water taxi pulls away in Hong Kong. 
formosa1.jpg (9660 bytes) Sampan in Formosa Straits.
kress_sanders.jpg (41794 bytes) From left to right: Jim KressJack Sanders (our president), John Gabbert, __?__ Willis, and Fred Allen, in the forward boiler room.
navyph~2.jpg (9494 bytes) Here is a picture of Wade Gilbert the Oil King, cleaning up a little overflow in 1963.

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